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Psychology and Astrology through the Language of Archetypes

   “Stories are a part of our ecology, and have the power to shape our world.”

-Becca Tarnas PhD/ Archetypal Astrologer

Archetypes are conceptual devices that relate to patterns and prototypes imbedded in the  human psyche. They are thought to be the first or original form, the original Pattern. For example, in our current religious western Creation Myth, Man is likened to a pattern, after God’s image. This is a well known example, God being an archetype of man. In the earliest Greek translation of Plato’s Epinomis, it affirms a dramatic correlation between the planets and the Gods, speaking of them as imbued with cosmic powers and manifest as material deities. Each planet is associated, but not limited to, specific archetypal patterns or meanings, which continue to evolve as we discover ourselves and acquire collective self knowledge. These patterns can express themselves in spectrum, and also as a specific. There can be both feminine and masculine expression, or a fluidity, to flow between the two. Duality is expressed in our dimensional material world, split and separated from the divine archetypal light, into separate spectral colors.  It is through this lens that we witness those colors.


The Archetype is concept in a non-dualistic paradigm, and therefore containing the whole, or full range of manifestation, undivided. Our consciousness, is a point of perspective, and therefore , by nature, a separation, but a sliver of that whole. Metaphorically, a drop of water moving in an enormous wave of the ocean, dividing and rejoining with the movements of the wave. Or, our waking consciousness is like a fragment of a broken mirror, pieces in seeming separation, of what was once whole, now splintered off, and trying to puzzle itself back together. Humanity, and individual, became fragmented and split apart, from divinity, and now struggle to see the unity and wholeness that is inherent within, and truly undivided, as Truth. 

One of the most profound modern thinkers and the dominant influence on modern psychology is Carl Jung. Jung expanded on Plato’s ideas about archetypes as the idea of the transcendent form, made material and manifest in the human psyche. These are core or common idealizations, yet elevated. That stuff that makes a cat, a cat. The essential quality that makes beauty recognizable as beauty, that comes to us in many forms: a poem, a sunset, a song, etc., all  recognizable and containing within it an over-arching commonality, or collective unconscious awareness. These archetypes are blueprints or particulars that participate in what is universal.  An archetype is a universal truth, a higher transcended state, building block for story and myth, that contain veracities, poetic and aphoristic. These stories we tell ourselves have the power to create, and shape our reality. From this powerful insight, follows the logic that it is imperative to be mindful of the content, images and stories we consume. This ideation informs our ability to shape a better world when we endeavor toward greater cohesion within the archetypal harmonies. Creative and cohesive archetypal visions have the power to seed kindness and positivity into the world and impart a solid, grounded, simple vision of clarity. Any soul can wallow in the gritty, dark alleys of fear and violence, but it is a truly elevated human who endeavors to bring their consciousness into the higher realms toward the archetypal truth and original pattern. It is this human that we all endeavor to be, and is our birthright and our evolutionary imperative. 

The planets fall into these classic patterns:

The Sun is the core principle of creativity, vitality, individuality, brilliance.

The Moon is the body and foundation of the soul, with sensitivity, embodiment and intuition.

Mercury is the mind principle, intellection and communication.

Venus is the principle of beauty, love, connection and value.

Mars is the active principle of force, impulse, separation and assertiveness.

Jupiter is a magnanimous principle of expansion and providence.

Saturn is the contracting principle of limit and structure. 

These Over Arching principles intersect, illuminate, aspect, magnetize, electrify our lives in a Macrocosmic dance, in a metaphor akin to puppet strings. In contrast, however, we  humans are graced with the ability to decide what to do when we feel a cosmic tug, and we can apply our will in response to it, unlike a puppet. 

It is my hope and endeavor to use Archetypal and Mythic storytelling through Planetary and Asteroidal archetypes to seed a better world full of optimistic realism, and to help the querent discover what the fates have decreed for the life.  The use of mythic story and symbolic, archetypal language of both Tarot Arcana and Astrology can tell stories of hope, and relate to our own, personal, heroic journey in a way that can help us navigate a more harmonic and flowing incarnation.

It is time to put away our horror stories of fear and hatred, that engage and compel our instinctual lower brain, so that we may finally avert our ecological and idealogical and sociopathic disasters currently plaguing our planet.

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The starry vault of heaven is in truth, an open book of cosmic projection- Carl Jung


Achievement is the satisfaction of orienting people to deep personal insights into their psychology through mythic storytelling and ancient astrological technique.

“You are what you repeatedly do, Excellence is then, not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle

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My creative name Starla Vespera, is how I identify in the world. I am a creative writer by way of naturalist, herbalist, botanist, Master gardener, anatomist, astrologer, tarot diviner, Certified Orthopedic massage therapist and reiki master. I am servant and observant of the wild creatures and natural phenomena. I have worked with wild birds, wild plants, wild gardens and wild humans of the best kind.  My educational background includes a degree in English and Creative Writing with a special focus in Shakespearian Literature in Cambridge, England. Additionally, am a perpetual student with 30 years of study invested into astrology and tarot. I hope you enjoy this fun fusion of eclectic gifts I have gathered from distant corners of the galaxy.

I am an active member of the Organization for Professional Astrologers and am available for astrology and tarot spiritual counseling sessions, by appointment.   

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